About Me

I am a multi-disciplinary learning specialist and educational therapist with a B.A in Secondary English education from University of Hartford, and an M.A in teaching of English from Columbia Teachers college. I am professionally certified in teaching English Language Arts in both CT and NY.  I am a licensed Educational Therapist through the AET. I have been teaching for over ten years, five of which were in my own classroom. Three years ago, I shifted to working as a private Literacy specialist. In that time, I have helped over one-hundred students develop reading behaviors & become more self-regulated in the writing process.

I work to empower not just a child’s academics, but their entire self through incorporating academics, social-emotional health, and behaviors into personalized 1-1 programs. I work with parents, schools, and the students themselves to develop, and track goals. I always aim to empower by illuminating students’ gifts, instead of centering around perceived deficits. My training in therapeutic approaches to learning allows me to both foster a safe learning environment, and de-stigmatize students’ exceptionalities. I am a lifelong learner and having ADHD myself, I know both the struggles and the bridges to success. It is my passion helping students develop the self-regulated habits they need be to healthy learners.


My Approach

Education Philosophy

Literacy is embedded into our humanity, so assessment should also be multi-disciplinary. Executive functions, as well as reading and writing behaviors within the child's particular learning environments, affect the overall literacy functioning of a child. Thus, an integrated approach which includes multi-dimensional support must be used. It must examine areas of wondering and inconsistency. In addition, an assessment must not only evaluate deficits but also uncover strengths and gifts which can guide developing areas and inform the tutoring program.

My ultimate goal is to provide the specific strategies and approaches which celebrate a student's gifts and strengthen areas of challenge. I am an advocate for families and can connect with students’ schools to ensure each student is reaching their maximum potential.

Who I work with

I specialize in middle and high school consulting and am known as an exemplary tutor throughout Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx for the ease to which I relate with  adolescents. I have worked with a great many students all over Manhattan either in their homes, schools or at my office. I can quickly become a team with children of any age while developing firm boundaries which support their needs as a learner. I have also worked with 2nd-5th-grade students and adults with great success.

I work closely with parents through consultations which provide them comprehensive support, so they can be the sounding board for their child. I support school and home communication, so that the student is at the center of their learning. I partner with the parent in order to ensure success for the learner and help relieve academic-related stress within the family.