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Literacy skills in comprehension, writing, vocabulary acquisition along with spelling and grammar are all improved drastically with daily reading. Students who read widely and consistently are able to understand a broader range of literary genres, persevere through long hours of studying, and tests with ease. One challenge that stands in the way for many students is having negative experiences and poor self-talk about themselves as readers, and learners. Through helping students develop skills in selecting just-right books which are engaging, I am able to give them the tools they need to sustain reading practices which will improve their self-concept, and set them up for success. Through independent reading, small book groups, and 1-1 tutoring, students can foster a better relationship with books, their own identity, and engage in relevant conceptual learning.

Home Library

All packages include:

  • Holistic interview(s) with the parent/guardians and students in the household.

  • Home visit by a certified Literacy Specialist, who is trained to provide a literacy system which supports grade level needs, social-emotional health and the development of important literacy skills.

  • Recommendations for spatial modifications necessary for learning, measurements, and installation of shelves as necessary.

  • A personalized a one-page report with goals and recommendations for adjustments to reading behaviors, routines, content, and frequency of reading recommended for each student.

  • Check back: Your specialist will check in to see if there are any questions, concerns or wonderings around the new library, and can make any necessary changes to the order.

  • Reluctant Reader Package

    10+ books recommended for an individual student in household to get them started and engaging in something they enjoy.

    Cost: $250

  • Premier Package

    A full selection of appropriate texts for the whole child including:
    • Nonfiction texts
    • Graphic novels, literary magazines
    • Books in your child’s zone of proximal development
    • Challenge books
    • Family reading books (for reading together)

    Cost: $375

  • Annual Membership

    A specialist will come deck out your library with books, and then come back 3 times within the year to purchase new titles, help organize, and set new goals.

    Cost: $975

Designer Book Clubs

These collaborative book clubs are designed holistically around the needs of the group! Groups vary between 2-6 students and are designed around the holistic needs of the learners, and the purpose outlined with parents/guardians. Perhaps your ideal group aims to inspire and or repair a student’s relationship with reading. Maybe you just want to get ahead and target particular CCSS objectives; the sky's the limit. Picture being able to speak with your child’s English teacher and advocate their social-emotional needs before they select a text. Imagine being in the loop via live reports throughout their novel units. No need to picture, simply contact me to set it up!

intake process:

  1. Intake the families/students to gain valuable insight to guide me in developing the club

  2. Administer a comprehension conversation and choose from a small parent-approved menu of texts with the learners.

  3. Analyze data from initial session and form custom goals for the learners which address needs and gaps in comprehension.

  4. Implement a series of hour-long sessions which focus on close-reading protocols, engaging discussions, and writing about reading.

  • Per-month book club

    • Four 90-minute sessions
    • 2 - 6 students of mixed ages per group
    • Develop self-regulation necessary for the students or families to effectively run their own book club in future months without a specialist and sustain the fun and new learning throughout the year!

    Cost: $375

    * plus a one time $25 intake fee

* Prices can be negotiated based on needs of the families involved

* Split payments between multiple families are permitted.

Examples of Books/Themes for Clubs:

  • (3rd-5th grade) Exploring Identity Book Club- Wonder

  • (6-8th grade) Graphic novel club- American Born Chinese

  • (6-12th grade) Dystopian Book Club- Daughter of Smoke and Bone

  • (6-12th Grade) Poetry Club- Paint Me Like I Am

  • (6-12th Grade) Queer theory club- Aristotle & Dante

  • (8-12th Grade) Author study- Jodi Picoult, John Green

  • (8-12th Grade) Sports Fan book Club- Friday Night Lights

  • (9-12th Grade) Historical fiction- The Things They Carried

  • (9-12th Grade) Classics Book Club- Catcher in the Rye

  • (9-12th Grade) Intersectional Feminism- Refrigerator Monologues

  • (9-12) Shakespeare and Social Justice- Hamlet