Multi-Disciplinary Tutoring

A child’s reading and writing behaviors profoundly impact their overall success;  From how they achieve academically, to how they express their identity. EmPath Learning takes an integrated approach to designing programs which begin as a partnership between parent and educator. After administering an initial assessment, a research-based program is set up to include evidence-based strategies which are tailored to the needs of the child.

Then, goals are agreed upon by the trifecta: parent(s), student, and educator. The student and coach develop routines and rapport which support students academics, skill building, and mental health. As goals are met, the consultant and parent(s) communicate to ensure the student is being challenged appropriately. Weekly reports and monthly meetings allow space for the support team to grow along with the learner.

I am available for tutoring in your home, my home office, or can meet at coffee shops, workspaces, and public libraries based on the preference of the family. Feel free to surf through the “link to my services page” to fill out my contact form or to contact me for a free 15-minute consultation.  

Steps within my process:

  1. I partner with the family and gain the valuable insight I need to develop a unique assessment for the learner.

  2. I administer an initial assessment which tests literacy functioning and executive functions, and determines how the child copes with their mental health.

  3. I analyze data from assessment, conduct research and produce evidence-based strategies individually tailored to the needs of the student.

  4. This program will grow and change as the student meets their goals!

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  • Tutoring services

    • SRSD Writing
    • ADHD & Executive Functions
    • General Literacy Coaching
    • General History Coaching
    • Comprehension & Critical thinking
    • Grammar & Vocabulary
    • Gifted & Talented Writing
    • Creative Workshopping
    • The college Essay
    • Interview & Audition Preparation
    • Speech & Debate Coaching
    • History & Engish Regents
    • Admissions Applications and Essays
    • NYS State ELA Exam